Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CEBU 2012. Day Three.

SINULOG DAY! Migy, vince, lee, and I went to baseline ahead of everyone and met up with JV and her friends. We weren’t even there for more than an hour yet and I was already drenched in beer and paint! The others came, and WOOOOOW! Another wow party. Few highlights: geo getting a smiley face cut on his foot from the broken bottles, the table everyone was dancing on broke and fell, everyone soaked in beer and paint, and again dancing for more than 6 hours straight. You know your having fun when you don’t notice the time. BEST PARTY EVER HANDS DOWN. I cannot even explain half of how that party went. PIT SENYOR PIT SENYOR PIT SENYOR!

HAHAHA walang hiya


DJ: respectfully grab a girl and carry her! (sorry baby HAHA)

lance rave machine!

the three people that happened to be beside each other EVERYWHERE

wency: aman and his connection to PAL HAHAHAHAHA

super gross picture. but we look so happy!

this is how dirty all our feet were...

We cleaned up cos we were all so gross from all that beer and paint, then us roommates bonded! we laughed so much and the boys had a concert in the room. Haha migy, vince and lee, best roommates ever. I cant keep up. Then we met up with the others in moon café to chill and just reminisce on the whole trip!

This was by far the best trip ever. that was just the beginning and im sure there will be more moments like that this year. 2012 will be a great year! to the people I bonded with and partied with in sinulog, my highschool and college bestfriends, you guys are the best friends ever. I love you all and like I told you, you all make me so happy:)

(pictures from Nikki Ruiz, Pam Lee, Yana Lim, and others i forgot. SORRY!)

videos to be posted in the next post!!

A. Castro

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